11 Benefits of Using AI Chatbot in the Education Sector

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chatbot for educational institutions

Students commit more with the help of a chatbot, as they can ask as many times as necessary information about the class and get instant response. Research reveals that this technology improves student participation in the classroom. According to one study, retention rates for digital learning are up to 60 percent higher than face-to-face retention rates. They help increase student retention, something especially relevant in online education settings. Integrate a student chatbot with your listings database, CRM and more to automate data collection and communication across students in a highly effective and engaging way.

chatbot for educational institutions

Although methods that require less expensive hardware are being developed (Dettmers et al., 2023), it is still inaccessible to the general public without costly computers. AI and chatbots are continuing to develop at a rapid rate and will undoubtedly be a part of the future. To better prepare students and teachers, education on chatbot use should be integrated into the current curriculums as more research is conducted on best practices.

How to Boost Admissions using Workflow Automation

As a result, we can expect an immense growth of the education sector, beneficiary interactions between students and educators, and a superior classroom environment. The most famous AI-powered virtual assistant chatbot is Genie, developed and implemented at Deakin University, Australia. Presented through a mobile application, it leverages chatbots, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and a predictive analytics engine to deliver personalized advice and services, guided assistance, and curated content. It gives students easy access to their unit information, results, timetable, or answers to common student questions. Lastly, AlDhaen (2022) suggests that implementing AI in the academic world will improve educational and non-academic operations governance.

Summer melt affects 22,8% of college-intending high school graduates each year. However, software developers realize the limits of AI and use AI chatbots to facilitate conversations with the right support staff when needed. But first, let’s figure out what those chatbots are before the experts from the online essay service EssayHub list the best ones.

STEP 1Design Main Chat Flow

They then collect each prospect’s information and use that to increase conversions through personalised engagement and quality interaction. They then provide prospects with all required information on the institution and help ease the processes by answering all queries and easing up legacy processes. Chatbots also follow up with prospects and assist in the final enrolment and onboarding process. Edtech bots can help students with their enrolment processes and further provide them with all the necessary information about their courses, modules, and faculties.

chatbot for educational institutions

Effective student journey mapping with the help of a CRM offers robust analytics and insights. By integrating the chatbot’s data into the CRM, the admissions team can gain valuable insights into student’s behavior, engagement levels, and conversion rates. The team can then take data-driven decisions by identifying trends, optimizing recruitment strategies, and allocating resources effectively.

This free chatbot template takes users through a few steps to apply to an undergraduate program. Use this chatbot to generate and qualify leads and guide users through the actual application process and resolve queries that may arise in their minds. AI will only become more prevalent over time, and its application in education will grow rapidly. It can be said that AI-based chatbots might just become the limelight of eLearning solutions. Educational bots leverage the power of generative AI to provide comprehensive responses on a range of topics. You can ask any kind of question, moderate your input, and get detailed answers instantly.

  • Moreover, GPT-4 can handle textual and visual prompts and give both back, although the capacity to employ picture input is yet to be made available to the public.
  • Students are never in the mood to study during holidays, nor do they have access to teachers.
  • Higher education chatbots allow the teachers to reach more students anytime.

AI is transforming the student experiences and education industry, and you don’t want to be left behind. Adopt the latest AI Chatbot for education to provide your students with a stellar experience. Sex education is taught in public schools on topics ranging from abstinence and reproduction to sexual orientation and sexually transmitted diseases. They build their chatbot with Engati which helped them answer 79% of all queries, passing only the complex ones to live chat agents.

Of course, chatbots can never properly replicate the value of real human interaction, but more on that later. But before we dive any deeper into the benefits of chatbots in the context of higher ed, let’s definite what one is. Students, especially at certain times of the year such as beginning and end of semesters, have lots of questions about their lesson plans, classes, schedules, and school guidelines. When a teacher has dozens of students to teach, it’s time-consuming to answer these same questions one by one. After Jill was trained and introduced to students in 2016, she could pass for an actual human for the whole semester until her identity was revealed. This is where the chatbot function can assist institutions to improve their performance in comparison to the competition by tracking and upgrading the listed attributes.

chatbot for educational institutions

Most importantly these AI assistants are developed depending on the age group you are catering to. The learning happens without any student-to-student or student-to-teacher interaction. So how to engage an online learner and how to personalize his learning experience, just like in a classroom? While virtual and augmented reality is still a thing of the future for the online education industry, AI chatbots are already playing an important role in making it the efficient tool it is today.

Chatbots collect student data during enrolment processes and keep updating their profiles as the data increases. Through chatbot technology it is easier to collect and store student information to use it as and when required. Institutes no longer have to constantly summon students for their details every single time something needs to be updated. Task bots are bots that guide customers through a series of questions and answers to resolve common FAQs and perform routine tasks like booking a meeting or signing up for an event. They are the most easy-to-build of chatbots, requiring no technical expertise or coding – users can pick from a selection of pre-built templates or create their own with a simple to use drag-and-drop bot builder.


Since Google Bard generates output at Google data, you can manipulate it to use academic sources. So, you can take advantage of an AI assistant and reduce your workload while researching academic resources. The second method of using AI chatbots for education is to access academic resources. You can use AI chatbots with a web search feature to generate information from academic sources.

AI chatbots offer a multitude of applications in education, transforming the learning experience. They can act as virtual tutors, providing personalized learning paths and assisting students with queries on academic subjects. Additionally, chatbots streamline administrative tasks, such as admissions and enrollment processes, automating repetitive tasks and reducing response times for improved efficiency. With the integration of Conversational AI and Generative AI, chatbots enhance communication, offer 24/7 support, and cater to the unique needs of each student. Educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities are using these AI platforms to deliver personalized and interactive learning experiences. Similarly, educational chatbots can also be integrated with different platforms such as educational websites or learning management systems (LMS).

Experts believe AI chatbots will improve learning, research – University World News

Experts believe AI chatbots will improve learning, research.

Posted: Thu, 23 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Using the chatbot has helped us capture more leads, engage more users, and communicate more effectively. You do not have to know any programming or coding knowledge to build and deploy your education chatbot. For example, Georgia Tech has created an adaptive learning platform for its computer science master’s program.

Also, if the language of an academic article is complex, you can use AI chatbots to summarize and simplify the language of the article. The first of these methods is to manipulate the output style of the AI chatbot using prompting. For example, you can manipulate AI chatbots’ outputs by prompting them to “respond like an English language teacher” and “act like I’m an elementary-level language learner”. With so many higher education chatbots in the market and the many ways that they can be used, it can be a challenge to know where to begin.

chatbot for educational institutions

As of now, many AI-based Smart Chatbots exist that are helping educational institutes in facilitating better and more-integrated communication processes. However, depending on the institution, the Chatbot can serve various purposes. Other than it also uses mentioned above, AI-based solutions can also be used in areas like proctoring and automatic grading of examinations. Given the influx of distance learning programs, these features are quite relevant in the current educational landscape. As part of their Digital Vision, they have introduced a chatbot called “Beacon” to act as a digital coach for students. Using AI technology, Beacon provides personalised and responsive information relating to timetables as well as answers to 400 FAQs.

  • For any college or university, swift communication is crucial when it comes to converting prospective applicants into enrolled students.
  • The education perfect bot can provide instant answers to different questions asked by students ranging from course material to academics in a natural language-based interaction.
  • Ultimately, this paper examines the existing literature on the current state of AI chatbot technology and its potential implications for future academic usage.

ChatGPT can also provide personalized recommendations based on a student’s learning history, helping them to improve their academic performance over time. This allows educational institutions to efficiently provide support and resources to a large number of students at once. Thus, educational chatbots can help to improve student satisfaction, support a positive learning experience, and a greater student engagement. Yellow.ai is an excellent conversational AI platform vendor that can help you automate your business processes and deliver a world-class customer experience.

The Game-Changer in Data Analytics: GenAI – Data Science Central

The Game-Changer in Data Analytics: GenAI.

Posted: Tue, 24 Oct 2023 13:30:15 GMT [source]

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